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In a time when audit practices are essentially undertaken as an obligatory compliance mechanism or simply a practice by various firms, we at SSPC take the autonomy of using our auditing and assurance services to evaluate existing procedures of a business and find out extensive insight to help our clients. This helps us to understand a business functions and its operations, thereby allowing us to develop better financial reports/analysis, maintain more accurate records, and bridge gaps faster so that fiscal planning procedures become more efficient over time.
In our experience in terms of audit services, we’ve undertaken various assignments where we’ve helped clients across an extensive range of sectors. Instead of focusing only on specific audit procedures, we move a step ahead in monitoring how our financial analysis can help clients in scaling their business growth. Practically, this is something which may not firms will take the risk of doing as it is often viewed as a best practice to play it safe. And comparison to this, our methods flow with our ideology of pro-active involvement in a business via our audit practices rather than simply treating it as a post-mortem exercise. With a team comprising of qualified audit professionals and assurance experts, our audit practice aims to provide holistic business insight in every project it undertakes. Our work in audit and assurance services isn’t restricted up to a single aspect. We assist our clients in undertaking financial, legal and accounting reviews of business processes which include mergers and acquisitions, partnerships and internal proceedings of the company’s routine to improve and maintain efficiency. Our experienced team of financial and audit professionals are ingrained with maintaining the highest regard for accounting standards, which always follow a thorough review cycle with active involvement of our partners, as well.

Our List of Audit and Assurance Services – At A Glance

  • Statutory Book Keeping
  • Consolidated financial reporting on a continuous basis
  • Monthly and quarterly assistance in preparing output accounting reports
  • Reconciliation of statements
  • Maintaining statutory records and accounting records across the year
  • Undertaking compliance adherence for procedures involving withholding tax, GST, etc.
  • Internal controls and procedure documentation, as required
  • Physical inventory maintenance and its periodic/consistent update, as required
  • Financial analysis of reports to identify areas of improvement and growth
  • Monthly payroll management for the client
  • Audits, reviews and compilation of financial statements
  • Agreed-upon procedure reports
  • Accounting policy and procedure manual development
  • Internal control reviews throughout the year
  • Provision of services for internal audit functions
  • Constant updates on special reporting requirements for the client to ensure a head-start
  • New accounting pronouncements and standards implementation
  • Assistance and support for start-up, expansion and acquisition transactions
  • Preparation of forecasts and projections to help in scaling business growth on a consistent basis
  • Management letters on improving procedures and controls of the client
  • Monthly financial statement preparation
  • Auditing Services
  • Statutory Audits
  • Taxation Audits
  • Compliance Audits
  • Special Investigation Audits
  • Corporate Governance Certification Services
  • Risk Consulting Services

These services and their timely planning, execution, feedback and/or review is something that we maintain on a consistent basis by ensuring constant communication across any and every channel possible with our clients for utmost transparency and therefore, leaving no margin for error.

"Assurance services are carried by firms registered with respective local governing bodies. The firm in India is registered under the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and has been peer reviewed"

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